Making the Case for the Micro Bikini

Ladies, you all know that us guys like to see you looking your finest, and what could be more fine than seeing you in the tiniest of tiny micro bikinis or the best of sexy lingerie’ or sexy clubwear.  We love it when you look hot, because when you look it, it gets us hot too.  Also, when you are looking sooooo fine, we like it when other guys get jealous when they see us together. We think that all hot girls should show us as much skin as possible when they are hanging out on the beach, and when it comes to sexy lingerie, when you are looking sooooo hot, and making us sooooo hot, we just love it.

When you’re out at the clubs, we want to see lots of cleavage and leg, so check out some of the fine club wear you can find on these pages.  When you have got such a great body, it just isn’t right to cover it up.  You need to bring on you A -ame, and SHOW us what you’ve got, so we can enjoy it.  If you are looking fine enough, we might just let you hang out and be our arm-candy, because what guy doesn’t want to have some fine arm-candy that says to the world “Yo, I am a manly man and I can get the hottest of hotties.”  Right, guys??

Of course, since you want to show major skin, you also need to protect it, so don’t forget to check out the fine selection of sunscreens and sun-blocks offered here.  We don’t want you to get fried or increase your risk of getting skin cancer, so wear a good sunscreen that blocks out UV rays and try to minimize your exposure to the sun between 10 AM and 2 PM.  (We could be having an afternoon delight then, instead!!!!)  Since you’re getting out motor running anyway, we might as well take care of what nature intended us to take care of.

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Over 100 high quality, full page color pictures of women in bikinis. Whether you are just looking for hot bikini pictures or want some inspiration for great bikini models for this summer, this photo book will not disappoint. From Brazilian and string bikinis to various models and colors (including red, white, gold, brown, orange, metallic and transparent bikinis), this book has everything to satisfy your expectations.
Sobre 100 fotos de gran calidad de mujeres en bikinis. Si está buscando increíbles fotos en bikini o quiere tener una idea para ver el modelo que elegirá este verano, este libro de fotos no le defraudará. Desde bikinis Brasileños y los más pequeños modelos, hasta los más variados colores (Incluyendo bikinis rojos, blancos, dorados, cafés, naranjas, metálicos y transparentes), este libro tiene absolutamente de todo para que puede encontrar lo que anda buscando.
$16.95 $3.90
Floral triangle bra that reversed to a mini stripe
Solid triangle top with neck and back ties, removable cups and heat seal logo
Printed fixed triangle top with neck and back ties and heat seal logo
Bandeau top with gold hardware at bust and contrast band
Solid color side tie bottom with heat seal logo
Printed triangle top with neck and back ties, removable cups and heat seal logo
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 Making the Case for the Micro Bikini
ajax loader Making the Case for the Micro Bikini

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